Soul Golden Ratio
Forty Percent Rule Featured Image
Objective Proof vs. Subjective Verification
Track Energies 400 x 260

Track Your Energies

We are energetic beings that interact with an energetic universe. That is our reality, not our body and the things we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. These are (beautiful) […]

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Suicide Can't Help 400 x 260
Depression 400 x 260
Secret of Love

The Secret of Love

The ultimate experience is not excitement, wealth, power, or fame. It is love. Now, love has a secret. The secret it this: We want to be loved, but much more […]

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Kaleidoscope Allegory

The Kaleidoscope Allegory

An Allegory of Reality, Truth, Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom We don’t have direct access to reality. We look at it through a kaleidoscope – a  confused, fragmented mind. Our big picture of […]

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Four Intangible Values