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Recently Published Books

Existential FAQ Cover

Existential FAQ

Who are we really? Do we have free will? Do we have a higher self? What is consciousness? What is the meaning of life? Are we part of something greater? […]

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Dream With God Cover 500 x 800

Dream With God

I made a collection of my inspirational flash fictions and flash dialogues available as a paperback in case you like to own a printed version or gift them to a friend. Mind […]

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Latest Inspiration and Enlightenment Posts

Call of the Void Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

The Call of the Void

It was a wintry night when I crossed that bridge in Koblenz thirty-four years ago. I stopped in the middle of the bridge and looked down into the dark. A […]

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Telepathic Noise

Telepathic Noise

Have you ever thought of killing someone? Scary, isn’t it? I have good news: It was not really you who thought that. The Collective Matrix Below the surface of our […]

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Rubiks Cube Enlightenment 400 x 260

The Rubik’s Cube – An Enlightenment Allegory

Once in a while, we cross chaotic, unchartered lands while walking the path of enlightenment. To explain the technicality of this alternation of order and chaos, I’d like to compare […]

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The Inspiration and Enlightenment Workshop

Modern authors are much more than book writers. They write blog posts too, discuss important subjects on social media sites, produce videos, and hold speeches. They offer a holistic service that revolves around the core value they labor to produce for people.
Stefan Emunds has dedicated his life to produce inspiration. For him, spirit is the very essence of life that keeps us kicking, dreaming, curious, passionate, and aspiring. In-spiration means to invite spirit into our mind, to vitalize our inner and outer life. The purpose: to feel alive!
Inspiration is more than motivation. Motivation keeps us doing what we are doing and that may not always be the right thing. Inspiration blows up our boxes and get us ot into the open. It sets us free so we can build a new, better, and bigger box.
If you register for Stefan’s inspiration workshop you will have free and exclusive access to inspirational value, like video courses, email mini courses, inspiring flash fiction and poems, inspirational quotes, and more.
See you on the other side!