Work With the Stars

Are you swimming against currents? Out of sync with the universe? In the wrong place at the wrong time again? No synchronicities? 

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, it’s probably because you don’t think energy or vibes. According to physics, vibes are real, not things. The universe is a matrix of countless, ever-changing, interwoven rhythms. And we are in the thick of it. 

If you want to be in sync with the universe, you gotta know its beats. This is not new science. Already thousands of years ago, wise men and women analyzed, cataloged, and charted the cosmic vibes. Yep, we’re talking astrology. This post will tell you how to dance to the cosmic swing. Well, it’ll give the basic dance steps only. You gotta choreograph your dance yourself. 

You don’t need to believe in astrology to take something away from this post. Just try it out and see if it works for you. Don’t think of astrology as fortune telling. It’s a method for calculating the movement of invisible, cosmic forces working behind the scene. 

You’re a little universe. All cosmic forces in the universe are present in you, just less powerful. The inner circle in the picture is you. The outer circle is the universe. The inner and outer circle move with different speeds. As they move harmonies and stresses wax and wane. It’s your vibes against the universe’s and magic happens if your vibes with the cosmic ones? Why? That’s simple physics: Resonation boosts frequencies. Conclusion: it’s all about anticipation and being mentally prepared.

To keep it simple, let’s focus on the rhythm of the seven weekdays. Each day one planet exerts an exceptional influence. The influence of the other planets is still there, just one sticks out. The seven planets are the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and the Sun. Don’t think of them as planets-planets. These are cosmic-mental forces that influence mind and body, e.g., thinking, feeling, and health.


Monday stems from the Old English Mōnandæg, meaning Day of the Moon. This is a translation of the Latin lunae dies – same meaning. The moon waxes and wanes and that reminds us of the cosmic rhythms. 

Go with the flow. Don’t jump into activities on Monday morning. Instead, remind yourself who you are, want to be, and what you’re trying to achieve. Remember the big picture. What happened last week? What do I want to achieve this week? Make a plan and set priorities.

Although the Moon governs traveling, Monday isn’t a good time to travel. Too much of one thing. Write at home. 

The moon manages subconsciousness and memory. Hence, let subconsciousness take over. Fish for ideas, concepts, solutions, and inspirations that rise more readily from the depth of your mind. You may have problems to focus. That’s because the moon is always on the move. See where it takes you with your writing. 

Monday is a good day to socialize. Reconnect with your publisher, editors, other writers, and your readers.


Tuesday stems from the Old English Tīwesdæg, meaning ‘day of Tīw’. Tiw was the Germanic god of war. It’s a translation of the Latin Dies Marti, Day of Mars. Don’t take that literally. Mars represents your raw mental energy and drive. Hence, Tuesday is a good day to complete and accomplish things. Fight and endure the hard passages of your copy! 

Be careful: Mars is inconsiderate and you my lack diplomacy. Mars loves to be the Last Samurai. Don’t end up fighting your readers, family, and friends. 

It’s the worst day to get stuck in traffic or do tedious work since you’ll lack patience. Another warning: Mars fuels sexuality. It’s the day of least fidelity. And the right day to write some hot lines. 

Mars is a destructive force by nature. But you can do something about it. Work hard and go to the gym. You can use Mars to dissolve negative habits and thinking. Give yourself a hard time and see what you get out of it.


Wednesday, Wōdnesdæg, is the Day of Odin, a (wrong) translation of the Latin Mercurii Dies. Mercury is the mental force that fuels intelligence and rationality. It’s the perfect day to create plots, research, and polish language. 

Mercury is playful and talkative. You’ll get bored easily. Avoid tedious work and do some fun jobs. On the negative side, you may be drawn into playing games and indulge in Twitter and Facebook. Spread your writings in the social media. 

In it’s best shape, Mercury is a magician. He turns inspirations into knowledge and experience. Give your author career a little boost. 

A warning: Mercury is a prankster. Be careful signing contracts.


Thunresdæg, the Day of Thunder, owes its name to Thor. The Latin is Jovis Dies, Day of Jupiter. In astrology, Jupiter is the Greater Fortune. Thursday is the day of success, the day to close deals, sign agreements, and collect prizes. 

Jupiter is jovial and you can rely on people’s generosity. You will find yourself particularly generous too. It’s the perfect day to forgive other people’s mistakes and make up for your own


Friday is the day of Frigga, the Germanic version of Veneris dies, day of Venus. Venus is the goddess of love, art, and beauty. Do everything in the name of love. Write a chapter of your romance novel. Be artistic! Design something beautiful! Imagine something inspiring!

Friday night is the best night to find love or rekindle it. 


Saturday, Sæternesdæg, is the day of Saturn, the God of Time. What do time and rest have in common? Both are restrictions. Saturn governs rules, laws, limitations, and throws all those annoying spanners in your works. Saturn is karma and adversity. 

How to deal with Saturn constructively? First of all, let go of your anger. Accept challenges as what they are: opportunities to learn and develop skills. Meet your challenges patiently and constructively. Be creative in solving your problems. 

Though it’s the perfect day to fix issues, you should not bother about work. A little allegory: after farmers tilled their fields, planted the seeds, and watered the ground, they leave it at that and let the crops grow. Instead, solve all these little (private) problems that vexed you during the week. The one you kept postponing. Do grocery shopping, fix the house or car, help family and friends, or cut the lawn.


Sunday, Sunnandæg, Dies Solis, is the day of the sun. In Astrology, the sun represents the soul. Be yourself and feed your soul. What is perfect soul food? Kindle the four human essentials, happiness, beauty, love, and meaningfulness. Pursue your heart’s desire.

If you have kids, spend most of the day with them – Friday is the day for spouse or girlfriend, remember? 

The sun promotes health. Our daystar provides our planet with light, energy, and life, hence it’s a good day to recharge, unwind, and go to a spa. Sport is good but don’t overdue it, especially in the evening. Close the day and week with a splendid dinner. 

Circumstances are the end-result of past thoughts, feelings, and action. Circumstances are fluid. Think vibes, rhythm, and tides to make circumstances flow the right way. Most of all, focus on the present. The past is a memory, the future but a hunch. 

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