How to Keep Writing

One needs passion to be able to work hard. But passion is a fire that dies eventually. That’s true for work and relationships. Passion needs to be replaced with love, which isn’t as noisy as passion, but stronger and more enduring. Remember Steve Jobs? “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, don’t settle.” Mind his choice of words: great work, not good job.
It is possible to love and hate something at the same time. Show me a writer who doesn’t have a love and hate relationship with his craft. What to do, when resentment strikes? What saves the writer? Habits. Habits don’t need motivation or energy. Habits keep us going. Like a robot. Until we regenerate our passion. Until we are back to love. That’s why it is crucial to establish positive habits. Habits that make you feel good. Have at least four seasons every day. Like defying the daily grind in the morning and going for a short walk to wrap up your mind for the day. In the afternoon, go to a coffee shop in the afternoon and write there for a couple of hours. In the evening do a couple of hour’s easy work that doesn’t strain the mind. At night, do some fun work or tasks you can complete while watching TV or chatting with your family.

Picture attribution: voltamax @ pixabay

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