The Global Turning Point

Shawn Coyne explains the Global Inciting Incident, Global Complications, the Global Crisis, the Global Climax, and the Global Resolution, but what about the Global Turning Point?

A Turning Point is a complication that turns the tides and produces irreversible change – in the protagonist’s life or consciousness.

A couple of times Shawn Coyne did mention the Ordeal of the Hero’s Journey and the Midpoint, the middle of the story, which is usually a point of no return. So, that’s the Global Turning Point.

Mind that the Ordeal is not the All Is Lost scene. The Ordeal is a low-point in the character development of the protagonist and rewarded with the Hero’s Gift. The All Is Lost scene is the Climax of the Middle Build, towards the end of the Middle Build and shall propel the reader into the Ending Payoff.

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