Inspiration & Enlightenment Email Mini Courses

Welcome to the free email mini courses of the Inspiration & Enlightenment Workshop.

Important: If you already took an Inspiration & Enlightenment email mini course in the past, please don’t use this form. Instead, open one of the final emails of a previous email mini course and click on the blue button at the bottom of the email that says, “More Courses.” This will direct you to a webpage where you can update your settings and choose a new email mini course. If you did not keep a copy of the final email of the previous course, go ahead and use this form.

These are the available email mini courses:

The Basics of Enlightenment

  • Why enlightenment is a process
  • The effects of enlightenment
  • Enlightenment and reincarnation
  • The seven stages of enlightenment

Enlightenment Psychology

  • Your soul and avatar
  • The higher self
  • Intelligence and emotions
  • Understand your mind
  • Personality

The Personality State-machine

  • How human personality compares to a state-machine
  • The (hidden) technicalities of personality
  • The (hidden) technicalities of perception
  • The (hidden) technicalities of action
  • How to make New Year resolutions work

We recommend enrolling in the Enlightenment Psychology email mini course first.

Faith Crisis

  • What causes faith crises
  • Faith crises technicalities
  • The seven stages of faith crises
  • Why faith crises are the mind’s daily bread
  • How to integrate faith crises

Write Your Life Story

  • How to make a start in authoring your life
  • The role of your Need and Flaw
  • How to add a backbone to your life
  • Know your life’s genre
  • The three acts of life
  • Your heroic journey
  • The ordeal
  • How to come to a happy ending

Energy Astrology

  • Introduction to energy astrology
  • The seven cosmic and personal forces
  • The vibes of the seven weekdays
  • How to flow with the seven weekdays

If you are already a member of the Inspiration and Enlightenment Workshop, you still need to subscribe to the email mini courses separately. That’s because of GDRP.

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