The Soul, the Heart’s Desire, the Gift, the Personal Legend, and the Flaw

We are immortal souls. We are here to have experiences. The most important experience in this incarnation is your Heart’s Desire, the one thing you want to be in this life. I want to be an inspiration, what do you want to be?

We are born with a Gift or talent that helps us to fulfill our Heart’s Desire. My Gift is writing. What is yours?

The pursuit of your Heart’s Desire with the help of your Gift weaves your Personal Legend. My Personal Legend is to be an inspiring writer. What is yours?

The Flaw is the shadow of the Heart’s Desire. We were born with a Flaw, as we were born with a Heart’s Desire and a Gift. The Flaw is a fundamental weakness that we need to overcome to realize our Heart’s Desire. My Flaw is impatience. What is yours?

Why do we have a Heart’s Desire and a Flaw? Because all experiences, however beautiful, get boring. That is the reason why we spread ourselves and have many different experiences. That works until it doesn’t anymore. The need arises to put our experiences on a new level, for example, from sex to romance to love. Mind that, as we raise our ability to experience, we don’t lose that which is below. Sex and romance still play a role in love relationships.

In order to put our experiences on a new level, we need to put ourselves on a new level first. We need to evolve. We need to become a lover first before we can experience love. That’s where the Heart’s Desire and Flaw come in. They throw challenges at us and these challenges evolve us.

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